Intermediate Phase is a big jump from foundation phase and is vital years in a student's academic year.

That is why our Grade 5 curriculum is created with the holistic development of young learners in mind, equipping them with a broad range of skills and abilities.

Our educational resources consist of digital visual resources, worksheets and activities, quizzes and more all available for your child on our learning management system.

Our Grade 5 subjects consist of Mathematics, English, Life-skills, Afrikaans, Natural Science, Social Science

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Online Schooling

More and more students are switching to Online School in South Africa and Worldwide.

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July 12, 2020


Homeschooling your child is not only convenient but affordable too.


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October 20, 202o

Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring can drastically improve your child's marks and help them to feel confident about their academic journey. Homework Tutoring and General Tutoring works.


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July 12, 2023