Saving Grace Educational Resources is a division of Saving Grace Educational Group.

As industry leaders in the Education Industry our primary focus is to create innovative educational solutions to assist families with School going children and help the improve academic performance. 

We achieve this through our various services which includes Saving Grace Educational Resources, Saving Grace Online School, Saving Grace Homeschool, Saving Grace Online Preschool, Simply Cambridge Virtual College and Simply Cambridge Tutors.

Saving Grace Educational Resources is a Digital Education Platform that provides a wide range of educational resources to students, teachers, tutors and tutor centres. All of our resources are produced by educational experts.

Our mission is to assist students in South Africa by providing them with the resources needed to help them in subjects and areas they may be struggling with which will then improve understanding and help them succeed academically.

We are committed to the highest standard of of professionalism and quality educational resources.

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Online Schooling

More and more students are switching to Online School in South Africa and Worldwide.

Visit www.savinggraceonlineschool.co.za for more info.
July 12, 2020


Homeschooling your child is not only convenient but affordable too.

Visit www.savinggracehomeschool.co.za

to find out more.

October 20, 202o

Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring can drastically improve your child's marks and help them to feel confident about their academic journey. Homework Tutoring and General Tutoring works.


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July 12, 2023